More on the 1965 Sighting in Cuba

The Gitmo Pterosaur, as it has been called, is again in the news, at least among some cryptozoologists. A sketch has come forth, although with many remarks about its being only a preliminary drawing: It has many modifications that the eyewitness artist feels are necessary before she is comfortable with it. This eyewitness is Patty Carson, who saw one of the flying creatures at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, around 1965, when she was a child.

The following shows where Patty’s home was located in relationship to where the pterosaur sighting took place.

Cuba Gitmo Pterosaur sighting of 1965 by Patty Carson

Yellow dots signify pterosaur flight. Purple dots signify eyewitnesses walk.

There have been a number of changes in this area in the last 46 years, but the blue circle shows the house where Patty’s family lived and the red circle shows where the children saw the Gitmo Pterosaur, what Patty at first called a “dinosaur” or “pterodactyl.”

I don’t want to publish the preliminary sketch of the pterosaur, for it may lead to some people believing it to be very accurate in its present form. For those who are unfamiliar with this sighting, I provide the following:

Gitmo Pterosaur Revisited

I noticed something interesting in Patty Carson’s testimony. She said, “It had little teeth, a LOT of them.” Well, Rhamphorhynchoids had teeth and long tails, generally, and the Gitmo pterosaur does as well, even though Eskin Kuhn did not see any teeth in the mouths of the two that he saw. That does make sense. Carson saw a winged creature on the ground, and she thought it had been eating or resting just before it stood up to look at her and her brother; she saw teeth in a mouth that was slightly open. Kuhn saw two winged creatures flying with their mouths closed; he saw no teeth.


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