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Reply to Misidentification Conjectures

By Jonathan David Whitcomb Sometimes a person who is mostly ignorant of the overall eyewitness evidence of modern pterosaurs will speculate about misidentification. Many of those conjectures fall to one of the following two flying creatures: Frigate bird Flying fox fruit … Continue reading

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Giant Bat or What?

Flying Creature With no Feathers Sometimes a person will refer to the flying fox as a “giant bat.” That type has many species, generally being fruit eaters, but it is the largest known bat, in general. At other times, somebody will … Continue reading

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Marfa Lights Intelligence

Have I talked too much about Marfa Lights? Maybe, but not recently. I would like to extrapolate on the blog post “Marfa Lights Explanation.” Regarding intelligence, why would people dismiss it and search through the scuffy landscape of southwest Texas, figuratively speaking, for … Continue reading

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Do Pterosaurs Eat Bats?

I don’t recall any eyewitness report of a clear case for a modern pterosaur grabbing a bat with its mouth in mid-flight. I do know of a large bat in Europe, a species that catches some birds in flight, at … Continue reading

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UFO Reports Suggesting Non-Alien Intelligence

A new study of strange lights in Texas suggests bioluminescent predators, rather than extra-terrestrial UFO’s, explain the intelligent behavior that has puzzled scientists for many years. Sometimes the lights near Marfa (southwest Texas) seem to dance or to coordinate their … Continue reading

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