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“Pterodactyl Attacks”

The Pterosaur Eyewitness blog recently had a post titled “Pterodactyl Attacks and Human Deaths.” For me, it brings to mind native accounts from Papua New Guinea, but this is far closer to home, in British Columbia, Canada. For many years, … Continue reading

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Namibia, Africa, Recent Sighting

Jonathan Whitcomb recently received an email from a man living in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, in southwest Africa. The anonymous eyewitness seems to be a native of Belgium, but he has been living much of his life in Namibia. After … Continue reading

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Modern Pterosaur Details

Darren Naish the paleontologist seems to me, in some of his writings, to be almost an enemy to cryptozoological research related to modern pterosaurs. He is determined to support pterosaur extinction in the face of increasing reports of eyewitness sightings. … Continue reading

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Stingray Interpretation for Kongamato

Dale Drinnon, on a post with many references to non-pterosaurs in Africa, offers an interesting suggestion for the origin of the word “kongamato.” He says that the kongamato was “originally a water-monster that arose from the water and overturned canoes.” He … Continue reading

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