Report a sighting of a pterosaur or a possible pterodactyl

Please excuse this round-about method, but the best way to get attention and answers to your questions, regarding your sighting, is by going to this contact page:


You should get faster response and the most professional attention to your sighting by using that link.

Jonathan Whitcomb has probably received more sighting reports, from 2003 through 2017, than any other cryptozoologist in the world, regarding possible pterosaur encounters. He has also probably written more about this subject than any other person alive, with eight editions of three separate nonfiction books on modern pterosaurs.

Your own report will be given the same opportunity for privacy measures as previous reports. You can have your name kept secret, if that is your desire. The reports that have had names attached to them—those eyewitnesses gave no objection to publicity and allowed their names to be published. You have a choice for your own report. Your email address is also kept secret, as a strict matter of policy.

Please contact Jonathan Whitcomb through the above link, and report your sighting.

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