New Sketch of Gitmo Pterosaur

Patty Carson, as a child and with one or more other children, saw this flying creature about six years before Eskin Kuhn’s 1971 sighting, also at the Guantanamo Bay military installation. The following sketch may not be complete, for it is still undergoing revisions. In some doubt is the final color selection and the precise shape of the beak. I am very fortunate to have a connection that allows me the privilege of having access to the images.

Gitmo pterosaur of Cuba preliminary sketch 15

We are indeed fortunate that Patty Carson has both a good memory and a talent for sketching what she has seen, in this case surely the same species that Eskin Kuhn saw at that same military installation in Cuba. Jonathan Whitcomb has been interviewing Carson and has interviewed Kuhn.

Carson has been clear about both the absence of feathers and the presence of teeth. That eliminates, for practical purposes, any misidentification of any bird. This sketch, in the beak and the head crest, eliminates any misidentification of any bat, even if the huge size of the flying creature is not taken into account. That leaves, outside of a hoax or hoaxes, only one logical choice: a modern pterosaur.

Regarding the cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb, I have already written about the hoax possibility. See below. I don’t know if anybody has disputed his 2004 expedition, insinuating that he never even traveled to Papua New Guinea. As I had written, that expedition surely took place, for reasons mentioned. If he had any inclination to perpetrate any hoax, surely he would not have taken so much trouble, and at such expense, to travel to Papua New Guinea. He would also not have returned with an admission that he never saw anything like a modern pterosaur. He made it clear that he did not even see the flying ropen light, although his interpreter saw it when Whitcomb was asleep. Surely he has not been perpetrating hoaxes.

Kongamato Pterosaur and Hoax Possibility

To find out if Whitcomb has been carrying out a hoax, we need to go back to when he first became involved. His 2004 expedition in Papua New Guinea . . . If he were carrying on a long hoax he would probably have invented a trip to Papua New Guinea as well. But Garth Guessman and David Woetzel had their expedition to the same island . . . and it was only a few weeks after Whitcomb’s . . . explorations there. The difficulty with proving Whitcomb has been carrying on a hoax, including a false expedition on Umboi Island, seems to be insurmountable when we consider that the other two Americans talked with natives who had remembered Whitcomb’s recent visit. In addition, Whitcomb videotaped many interviews on Umboi, with his own voice in the audio track of those videos.

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