Old Dragons in Great Britain

On the subject of a modern pterosaur, I have done only a little reading about sightings in Europe, but I know that some cryptozoologists have researched this subject: David Woetzel in the U.S.A. and Richard Muirhead in England.

I have not yet had the pleasure of reading the book published in 1909 by Marie Trevelyan. According to the book Live Pterosaurs in America, second edition, which I have read, someone “interviewed an old man who remembered ‘winged serpents’ that lived in the mid-1800’s around Penllyne Castle, Glamorgan, Wales.”

To continue quoting from Live Pterosaurs in America:

“The woods around Penllyne Castle, Glamorgan, had . . . . winged serpents . . . An aged inhabitant of Penllyne, who died a few years ago . . . said it was ‘no old story,’ invented to ‘frighten children,’ but a real fact. His father and uncles had killed some of them, for they were ‘as bad as foxes for poultry.’ This old man attributed the extinction of winged serpents to the fact that they were ‘terrors in the farmyards and coverts.’”

Pterosaur Sightings in Europe

In England, in 1987 or 1988, a ten-year-old girl saw “a glowing object which seemed to open up to what I thought looked like a dragon.” She was shocked and told nobody about it for many years. She told me, “I do still remember what I saw and think that it may have been a pterodactyl that decided to ‘glow.’”

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