Flying Creature in San Fernando Valley

A report of a large flying creature in Sherman Oaks, California, suggests similarities to the ropen of Papua New Guinea. A man reported the creature after he and his girlfriend observed it while taking a walk at about 10:30 p.m., on September 21, 2009. He reported, “It was a very large, winged creature that was gliding maybe 100 yards above us. . . . it beat its wings, once, before going out of view.” His girlfriend had a better view (she has better vision) and saw a glow or reflection on the wings.

The man estimated the wingspan: ten to fifteen feet; the girlfriend estimated twenty feet. The wings appeared more like those of bats than birds, with a greater depth from leading-edge to trailing edge. The sighting lasted ten to twenty seconds.

Pterosaur in Southern California: “I interviewed the two eyewitnesses separately, by phone . . . the creature they saw flying about 300 feet above them . . . was too big to be a bird. . . . I found the two eyewitnesses of the Sep 21st sighting quite credible. . . .”

Flying Creature in South Carolina: “The strange creature flew gracefully over the highway, right in front of the car Susan Wooten was driving to Florence, South Carolina. . . . ‘It looked as big as any car, and had NO feathers . . .”

Cryptozoology Book Live Pterosaurs in America: “From California to Maine, from Washington state to Florida, apparent living pterosaurs appear to be able to hide in any or all of the 48 connected states of the United States.”

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