Pterosaur Near Singapore

About half a century ago, a boy watched two “squawking” pterosaurs in what was then a rural area. That place may now be a developed part of Singapore. Here is part of his account, which he reported to Jonathan Whitcomb:

I live in Singapore, an island at the tip of the Malay Peninsula (South East Asia). There are many much bigger islands south of my country, and they form the Indonesian Archipelago. In one of the islands there, I believe it was Sumatra, there was a recent sighting of a similar kind a couple of years ago. I believe in nearby Philippines there was also another recent sighting as well. This gives rise to the credence that such creatures are/were territorial and they live in a cluster colony.

I have seen a pair of them way back in the early 60’s when I was a small boy. I was wondering some distance from the village . . . one hot afternoon in a forested area when I came across a pair of them flying together and circling some tall palm trees (those with small orange coloured fruits) and then helping themselves to the fruits. They were making cries which sounded like squawking in the process. They were large (and at that time I thought nothing more of them as I was of the notion that such bird like creatures were the order of the day – at such a young age at that time I never knew they were thought to be extinct.

Modern day paleontologists claim pterosaurs to be meat eating, but the pair that I saw in our boyhood showed that at least some species were herbivores.

Singapore Pterosaur

The main point of credibility for pterosaurs living in and around Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia comes not from this sighting in the Singapore area. It comes from many reports of apparent pterosaurs

Philippines Pterosaurs Seen by Eyewitnesses

I can clearly remember that there had already been a lot of stories going on, people claiming to see the “Tiktik” or a legendary large bat-like creature which sucks the juices out of men at night. So that night as I walking on the streets, this large creature flew about 5 storeys somewhere above me. It was slightly lit up by the street lamps and, as I recall, it looked a like a really large bat, as I can see the shape of the wings which were flapping in intervals with skin a little lighter that that of a bat’s. The wingspan is about 4-6 meters tip to tip.

Modern Pterosaur and Extinction

Details are what make scientific progress possible, but Naish seems to always avoid mentioning any details involving sighting reports that are taken most seriously by the cryptozoologists most actively involved. He can write many paragraphs without mentioning even one sighting report, yet he tries to make it appear that all reports are wrong. It seems that all that is needed is the idea that standard assumptions of paleontology are threatened or at least appear to be threatened.

Modern Pterosaur Home

From the non-fiction cryptozoology book Live Pterosaurs in America (first edition, appendix, page 85), we read:

“A vicious web site includes these key words: ‘Creationist Claims, Fabrications, Falsehoods, Idiocy . . . Stupid Lies, hoax. . . .’ The body of the web page refers to our “delusional eyes.” I find that combination of descriptions interesting, for one definition of ‘delusion’ is ‘a false belief or opinion,’ and the act of telling a lie involves communicating something contrary to what the deceiver believes: an unlikely combination. But those who read that page may come to believe that something is wrong with me and my associates, and that may cause them to write about our unreliability on other forum pages, and this may be used to mock the concept of modern pterosaurs. The ‘vicious’ circular reasoning is completed by the original reason we were attacked: We proclaimed the possibility of modern pterosaurs.


Live Pterosaurs in America, second edition, back coverCryptozoology book Live Pterosaurs in America

Read the amazing  but true stories that newspapers almost never tell their readers: eyewitness reports of living pterosaurs in the United States. Learn for yourself the astonishing secret: Flying creatures, many of which are huge and featherless and many of which have long tails, are not extinct but still living. Be among the less than 1% of Americans who know about these amazing encounters across North America. Read Live Pterosaurs in America.

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