Namibia, Africa, Recent Sighting

Jonathan Whitcomb recently received an email from a man living in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, in southwest Africa. The anonymous eyewitness seems to be a native of Belgium, but he has been living much of his life in Namibia. After his wife disbelieved his account of the “prehistoric animal” that he had seen flying one morning, he dismissed the encounter from his mind. When he learned that other people had similar sightings, he contacted Whitcomb, giving the cryptozoologist his lengthy account.

2011 Pterosaur Sighting in Namibia

I paid attention to the wings as it would allow for identification – but this bird did not have any feathers, at least not any spread primary feathers (as eagles often show). It looked more like a large bat with distinctly brightly coloured (yellow-brown, orange?) protrusions, where birds have carpal joints (like some ‘spur-winged birds’). It showed a long, very long, slim neck (like of cranes or flamingos) . . .

The overall colour . . . was bright (whitish?). The colour of the body-and-wings was brownish . . . For the wingspan I would venture to say (based on comparison with again overflying aeroplanes’ wingspan) . . . that it was half of that of a small plane’s wing span . . .

Pterosaurs in Africa

Sudan Pterosaur:

. . . early one night in 1988, the boy noticed something on the roof of a nearby hut. Lit up by the patio light, perched on the edge of the roof, the creature appeared to be four-to-five feet tall, olive brown, and leathery (no feathers). A “long bone looking thing” stuck out the back of its head, and its long tail somehow resembled that of a lion.

Flying Snake or Pterosaur in Namibia:

. . . The flying snake, or whatever it was frightened Michael Esterhuise, a farm hand, severely and left a trace on the ground and a burning smell . . . It shot into the air again and made a sound like “wind blowing through a pipe” according to Lawrence Green in “These Wonders to Behold” (1959)

Marfa Lights Explained (Pterosaurs)

Of course, some of the strange lights observed by tourists visiting Marfa, Texas, can be explained as ordinary: car headlights on a nearby or distant highway; those lights are seen about every night. But other strange lights, observed only a few times each year, cannot be from car headlights. Those “mystery lights” have been labeled “CE-III” by James Bunnell, author of the book “Hunting Marfa Lights.”

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