UFO Reports Suggesting Non-Alien Intelligence

A new study of strange lights in Texas suggests bioluminescent predators, rather than extra-terrestrial UFO’s, explain the intelligent behavior that has puzzled scientists for many years. Sometimes the lights near Marfa (southwest Texas) seem to dance or to coordinate their movements in strange ways. One light may divide into two, then they will separate and fly away from each other, only to turn back and fly towards each other.

James Bunnell, author of the nonfiction book Hunting Marfa Lights, has long assumed that they are caused by some kind of energy that may relate to the geology of the area. The problem with that approach is the apparent intelligent behavior of the lights.

Jonathan Whitcomb, author of the nonfiction book Live Pterosaurs in America, has suggested the lights are caused by large nocturnal predators, probably similar to the ropen of Papua New Guinea. Of course “live pterosaur” seems the most outrageous explanation. But alternatives seem even less likely, including the idea that Marfa Lights are caused by intelligent beings from another world.

What’s wrong with extra-terrestrial UFO’s, meaning space crafts “manned” by intelligent aliens? Nothing, except that Marfa Lights might appear for one night or two nights in a row, then leave, not to came back for several weeks or so; it is the coming back that is critical: Aliens that fly over bushes near Marfa, Texas, and returning every few weeks, would be anything but intelligent; there is nothing much there but bushes.

But Whitcomb’s cryptozoology idea, weird though it may seem, does explain the intelligence of the lights. He speculates that the splitting of one light into two is actually just a kind of illusion. There were always two objects, but one of the glowing predators was joined by a non-glowing predator that soon started to glow; the two separate and fly away, then turn around and fly back together.

Why would two (apparently bioluminescent) predators fly away from each other for awhile, then turn and fly back to each other? Whitcomb suggests ropen-like creatures are attracting insects while they glow in one area. As the two fly away, Big Brown Bats are attracted to the swarm of insects. Just as the bat or bats fly into that air space, the two larger predators are flying back, ready to intercept and eat the bat or bats.

I know, glowing pterosaurs seems far fetched, but nothing else seems to come close to a reasonable overall explanation for the Marfa Lights of Texas.

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