Two Pterosaur Sightings in Cuba

I know that I have previously written about Eskin Kuhn’s sighting of two pterosaurs in Cuba, in 1971, but very recently another eyewitness, a lady living in California, has come forward, supporting the U.S. Marine’s testimony with her own sighting report. Patty Carson observed a single pterosaur, about six years before the sighting by Kuhn, but was disbelieved for decades and unaware that anyone else, other than the ones with her at the Guantanamo Bay installation in around 1965, had seen anything similar.

She, Patty Carson, has kindly agreed to having her real name used to substantiate her sighting and to support the Marine’s account of his sighting.

Pterosaur Sightings in Cuba

We were walking through [a] scrub area, and suddenly it [the “pterodactyl”] sat up, as if it had been eating something or resting. . . . right in front of us about thirty feet away. . . . I looked at his [Eskin Kuhn’s] drawing, and if I had to make any changes I would make the tail maybe six inches shorter and the wings maybe 10% longer, maybe even 15%, but the proportions of the head are very good, and the body and the hind legs are exactly as I remember.

Pterosaur observed by Eskin Kuhn in Cuba in 1971

I have additional information, more than is found on the above KSN News report:

Words of Patty Carson

“All of us froze for about five seconds, then it leaned to its left and took off with a fwap fwap fwap sound, in a big hurry, more of a scramble, and flew to its left and disappeared behind trees and terrain. It seemed to get some of its takeoff power from jumping with its hind legs. It did have a tail and it had a diamond shaped tip, (didn’t get to see if it had hairs on it) The skin was a leathery, brownish reddish color. It had little teeth, a LOT of them.”

Caribbean Flying Creatures

We were  somewhere between Cuba and  Haiti. . . . around 2:00 A.M. . . . my  daughter and I returned to our  cabin. She went out on the  balcony and called me out about  15 minutes later to see something  wierd. . . . I stepped onto the  balcony . . . Off in the distance  were two, very, very large . . . pink/orange [luminescent] like the flying dinosaurs.


Live Pterosaurs in America, by Jonathan Whitcomb, second edition

Reports of huge flying “pterodactyls” in American skies have floated around the internet for years; but before about 2005, details were scarce. When an eyewitness was named, the interviewer was often anonymous; even when an eyewitness was credible, and the account published in a newspaper, the story was ridiculed, discouraging others who had also seen strange flying creatures. Where could eyewitnesses go? What a predicament for them! Who would believe their reports?

Learn the truth for yourself, the truth about modern living pterosaurs in the United States of America.

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