Glowing Pterosaurs Interpretation of Marfa Lights

Of course the precise concept of “glowing pterosaurs” for Marfa Lights seems speculative, at least until an eyewitness comes forward in that area of Texas and the sighting ties together flying balls of light and pterosaurs. That said, eyewitnesses in other parts of Texas, and in surrounding states, testify of flying pterosaurs.

I would like to now give my opinions on recent writings on this subject of Marfa Lights.

Caribbean Flying Creatures

Actually, the title is “Marfa Lights and Glowing Pterosaurs,” but the section on a sighting in the Caribbean Sea is what I will now examine. I found it interesting that their inquiry with the cruise ship company was unanswered. I see nothing suspicious in this eyewitness account, at least nothing suggesting any hoax. This particular brief account of this report leaves out the fact that this lady had not been drinking.

We were  somewhere between Cuba and  Haiti. . . . around 2:00 A.M. . . . my  daughter and I returned to our  cabin. She went out on the  balcony and called me out about  15 minutes later to see something  wierd. . . . I stepped onto the  balcony . . . Off in the distance  were two, very, very large,  pink/orange flourescent (sic) birds  flying behind each other. They  looked like the flying dinosauers (sic).

I know a bit more about this sighting report. The eyewitnesses mentioned that she knew that “dinosaur” was not the correct word, but she had forgotten the correct word.

Mysterious Marfa Lights

Circumstantial evidence has accumulated for the hypothesis that the more-mysterious of the flying lights around Marfa, Texas, are caused by the bioluminescence of a group of flying predators, unclassified by science, that hunts as an intelligent unit, perhaps somewhat similar to the group-hunting behavior or large predators such as some whales and seals.

I like the comparison with whales and seals rather than predatory birds, for those denizons of the deep sometimes will hunt in coordinated ways. Marfa Lights sometimes seem to do the same, of course in the air rather than underwater.

Marfa Lights Chasing Cars

Why would large flying predators always avoid moving automobiles at night? I like this open-minded approach to eyewitness reports of this behavior that James Bunnell believes is very strange.

Linda Armstrong was driving to Marfa, Texas, on the night of October 8, 2008, when she was startled to see a bright white light in her rear-view mirror; it seemed to be gaining on her car. Two aspects of her encounter each discredit the Fata Morgana mirage explanation: The light passed her and followed the curvature of the highway ahead of her. If the light had been a Fata Morgana mirage, it would have remained in the rear-view mirror, and it would not have followed the curvature of the road.

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