Return of the Marfa Lights

It seems easy for some Americans to imagine a modern pterosaur living in some remote jungle in Papua New Guinea. It’s not so easy to imagine one in the United States. But reports of living pterosaurs here in North America keep coming to my attention, and those strange flying Marfa Lights keep returning. Strange as it may seem to most people in this country, there seem to be a number of scientifically unknown animals in North America, and the ropen, even a long-tailed pterosaur, may be one of them.

A web page called “Marfa Light Miracle” mentions a sighting by James Bunnell, author of Hunting Marfa Lights:

“Soon after dark we saw two strange lights . . . These lights pulsed independently and seemed to follow a randomly timed sequence that, in most cases, went from dark to relatively dim, flared to a higher level of brightness, then dimmed and eventually went out. Sometimes both lights would be on at the same time.”

I know I have written about Marfa Lights before, so I’ll refer to those postings:

Are Marfa Lights Nocturnal Scavengers?

Could Marfa Lights be nocturnal flying scavengers? . . . bats are unlikely to be about during the colder winter nights, and some of the stranger Marfa Lights are seen on some of those nights.

Scientific Skepticism and Marfa Lights

To be fair to Mr. Dunning, we need to remember that some of these sighting reports are quite strange: flying lights that seem to fly in ways related to each other. These flights are too complex–I believe “complex” is the word used by James Bunnell–to be easily explained as an ordinary phenomenon. But the strange reactions some person might have to consuming alcohol does not mean that all strange experiences should be dismissed with “whiskey.” . . . not-yet-explained things may exist.

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