Another “Pterodactyl” in California

I’m not yet finished with the subject of Marfa Lights in Texas, but they can be set aside, I suppose, for a moment. We have another report, from the Facebook Group “Living Pterosaurs.” It’s not new news, coming from a 2007 article in The Signal of the Santa Clarita Valley; but the original report is much older, a Los Angeles Times article about sightings in the 1880’s. I don’t yet have the Times article, but I’ll quote from The Signal.

The creature, according to Lyon, was “as big as a horse, had wings like an oversize bat, big bulgy eyes the size of mushmelons that glowed like Southern Pacific headlights, and a long, woolly tail.”

Well, I think it rather obvious what people mean when they describe the wings of a flying creature as like those of a bat: The wings have no feathers. The “long woolly tail” is interesting, perhaps meaning the creature’s tail had hair; some pterosaur fossils show evidence of hair. Is was obviously no bat, being described as the size of a horse.

I am open to reports of flying lights in California, if there is any possibility that the lights may be from a bioluminescent flying creature. Anyone have anything to report?

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