Halo CME’s and Marfa Light CE-III’s

James Bunnell, author of Hunting Marfa Lights, seems to have made an objective evaluation of the conjecture that the earth’s magnetosphere may be related to ML’s (mystery lights near Marfa, Texas). On pages 173-176, he goes into detail, and explains how halo CME’s, violent solar wind slamming into the magnetosphere, have no relationship to the appearances of ML’s, during a period of about seven and a half years. He admits that there is no direct relationship between the two. I see no problem with his analysis here.

That leaves open the perspective that biology may be involved, in particular through intrinsic bioluminescence of flying predators of high intelligence in their hunting techniques.

For more information on the solar wind, magnetosphere, and relevant comparison with the biological possibility, see “Marfa Lights – From Magnetosphere or Pterosaurs?

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