New Pterosaur Sightings

I really have more to say about the Marfa Lights in Texas, about their relationship to sightings of modern pterosaurs. But that can wait somewhat, for new sighting reports keep coming up, sightings of flying creatures that appear to be modern pterosaurs.

North Carolina Pterosaur

I was driving home . . . when I . . . saw something HUGE above me in the sky.  It looked like a pale greenish white and smooth-skinned. It didn’t appear to have any feathers, and it had the tail with the diamond shape on the end.  I couldn’t believe my eyes, and I knew no one else really would.  It was probably about the same in the sky, 100 ft away.  I just looked up the Rhamphorhynchus and it was definitely similar to what I saw.

Pterodactyl in Spain

What some Spanish eyewitnesses call “bird,” at least one called “pterodactyl.” The KSN News Service referred to the sightings in “Giant Flying Creature in Spain,” but I have additional information about the sightings.

According to witnesses, the animal was dark (mainly black or grey) with a wingspan of between 3 and 15 meters, making loud crowing sounds in three different tones, and whose membranous wings were reminiscent of a prehistoric pterodactyl. In other cases, however, it was classified as a “mutant pigeon” or a black crow, naturally.

I suspect the reference to “mutant pigeon” may have come from the lack of feathers, for that lack is an important factor in the anatomy of a “pterodactyl.”

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