Science and Marfa Lights

A number of scientists have tried to know and understand Marfa Lights: observing, testing photographing, and theorizing. Interesting ideas have emerged; none but one, however, seems to come close to adequately explaining the apparent intellegence associated with those flying lights, the mystery lights of Marfa, Texas: a modern pterosaur.

James Bunnell, a retired aerospace engineer, has side-stepped the apparent intellegence associated with some sightings. But he has photographed a number of the “ML” (mystery lights) and analyzed the results.

Edson Hendricks, a Californian who has visited Texas and is a Marfa Light investigator, has also side-stepped the apparent intellegence associated with some sightings. But he has analyzed some of the data.

Jonathan Whitcomb, another scientist from California, has concentrated on the apparent intelligence, analyzing information from those sightings that might relate to the ropen lights of Papua New Guinea. And the results of that analysis might appear more like science fiction than science: nocturnal bioluminescent flying predators that might be related to ropens, even if that means a living pterosaur interpretation. Nevertheless, when extinction dogma is set aside, there is nothing unscientific about the hypothesis that Marfa Lights are caused by the bioluminescence of flying predators.

Some critics have disparaged the work of Jonathan Whitcomb, assuming that because he supports the work of his YEC creationist associates he is too biased to be taken seriously. By the same reasoning, one could reject Calculus because of the Biblical studies of Sir Isaac Newton. Religious intolerance, like that of Whitcomb’s critics, cannot refute the testimonies of eyewitnesses. Let it be observed that those eyewitnesses are the ones giving evidence, through their testimonies of modern pterosaurs, and those witnesses come from various religious and non-religious backgrounds, refuting the assumption of the critics, the presumption that reports of modern pterosaurs are the result of inappropriate insertion of religion into scientific work. Science will continue to progress, in spite of those shallow-minded critics.

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