Pterosaurs or Glowing Owls in Marfa

More keeps coming up regarding the Marfa Lights of Texas. An older page reveals a remarkable encounter with the “ghost lights” in early 1973.

Wright and Kenney . . . stopped at a high place on the road, turned off
the engine and waited.  Three horses, about 200 feet west of the car
suddenly started running and acting in a wild manner.  At this precise
moment, they observed two lights moving rapidly from the southwest to
the northeast, almost at right angles to the road.

The eyewitnesses described an intelligence that seemed to guide the lights.

They both had the distinct impression that it [the flying light] knew exactly where they [Wright and Kennedy] were and that it was just daring them to chase it.

An intelligent-looking flight of low-elevation lights suggests two things: barn owls (Tyto Alba, known as Min Mins in Australia and studied by the Australian author Fred Silcock) and ropens (Rhamphornynchoid pterosaurs commonly reported in Papua New Guinea).

This sighting report was recorded soon after the encounters, and this was in 1973: years before anyone thought about barn owls or pterosaurs being responsible for the strange flying lights of southwest Texas. Pat Kennedy and Elwood Wright had been working in that part of Texas and decided to investigate and see if they could observe any of the strange lights for themselves.

Other eyewitnesses have described an intelligence that seems to be involved with the way those strange lights fly around. Bioluminescent predators seems a reasonable explanation, notwithstanding it is controversial to mention the possibility of scientifically unclassified glowing creatures, bird or pterosaur.

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