Glowing Predators Gain Publicity

The concept of nocturnal bioluminescent flying predators has gained ground with some American bloggers. The national press release earlier this week (“Unmasking a Flying Predator in Texas“) brought out the comments, some negative, some positive. The point is that these creatures around Marfa, Texas, may be related to the ropen of Papua New Guinea, and the ropen is believed to be a modern pterosaur.

I’d like to mention one blog in particular, “Frann’s Plan,” with the post titled “Bioluminescent Flying Predators.” I like some of the positive comments:

I do dearly love the Marfa Lights and hope everyone gets to see them at sometime in their life . . . the thought of  bioluminescent flying predators [has] just got my poor brain spinning…I have to go again!

I’d also like to quote some of the original press release, although the mention of “pterosaur” comes only at the end of the article. It was written by Jonathan Whitcomb.

The mystery lights of Marfa, Texas, have entertained residents with their strange dancing. . . .  a ball of light seems to split into two, which will separate and fly away from each other before turning around and flying back together.

It may take awhile for scientists to get detailed night-video to prove or dispove this hypothesis of bioluminescent predators in Marfa, Texas. Until then, I will continue to hope.

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