Marfa Lights of Texas

The true Mystery Lights (ML) of Marfa, Texas, also called “ghost lights,” differ greatly from the car headlights that some declare as an explanation for all the reports of strange lights in this region of Texas. Many of the true ML often fly where there are no roads, and they behave differently than even a “night mirage” of car headlights, dancing in a way that suggests an intelligent source for them.

I do not disparage the intelligence of those college students who did a scientific study of car headlights near Marfa, some years ago. The experiment itself was probably a success, and the conclusion appeared reasonable. But this did not prove the nonexistence of mysterious lights in this part of Texas. Does anyone presume that it disproved the existence of strange lights here? If it did, then it also disproved that airplanes can fly at night with lights; it also disproved that meteors can glow when they fall into our atmosphere. No, that experiment by college students only demonstrated that it is possible for a person to see car headlights and mistake them for something unusual. It did not even prove that most reported sightings are misidentified car headlights.

A UFO from another planet is not the answer, for it would require an extraordinary intelligence to fly here from another solar system, and flying over the bushes around Marfa several times a year is not a sign of extraordinary intelligence.

Some predators use exceptional intelligence in hunting. One of these is the Orca, or “Killer Whale.” Some groups have learned a special technique for disabling a Great White Shark: Grab the shark, then turn it upside down to put it to sleep. Talk about intelligence in predators! That makes it much safer for the Orcas to kill a large shark.

What about intelligent nocturnal flying creatures? One chapter in the new nonfiction book Live Pterosaurs in America, second edition, brings out this characteristic in the behavior of the Marfa Lights. The dancing behavior may be from the creatures’ hunting Big Brown Bats. That would explain why the lights leave the area for a few weeks but always return later in the year: Predators often travel in groups, returning periodically to the same hunting areas. If Marfa Lights were from non-living things like tectonic stress, they would not return regularly in this fashion.

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