New Cryptozoology Book “Modern Pterosaurs”

By Jonathan Whitcomb, nonfiction author

My newest book, Modern Pterosaurs, should be published in April of 2017, available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers. It differs from the other nonfiction cryptozoology books I’ve written:

  • Searching for Ropens and Finding God
  • Live Pterosaurs in America
  • Live Pterosaurs in Australia and in Papua New Guinea

The new book has a photograph of an extant pterosaur, verified by me and by the physicist Clifford Paiva. Like my previous books, however, it does contain eyewitness accounts of these amazing flying creatures.

New paperback cryptozoology book by Jonathan Whitcomb

Modern Pterosaurs, by Jonathan David Whitcomb

The following are brief excerpts from the book:

Title Page

On January 14, 2017, Clifford Paiva and I spoke by phone and agreed that a photograph we had been studying had a genuine image of a real animal. We did not insist that this must have been a species of Pteranodon killed during the American Civil War. . . . [however] details in the head suggest a pterosaur, at least related to a Pteranodon, very unlike any bird or any bat.


This book is too small to hold many of the eyewitness reports my associates and I have received over the past fourteen years [yet it does have some of those accounts, as well as a number of newer sighting reports]. It does have an analysis of an old photograph of a huge flying creature, with reasons for believing the photo is genuine evidence for a modern pterosaur.

Chapter 7: Photo of a pterosaur

I don’t know when I first saw the photo that we now call Ptp. It could have been around 1968, in the main branch of the public library in Pasadena, California. I know that some persons believe they saw it in a book, perhaps one of Ripley’s Believe it or Not books, around the 1950’s to the 1970’s.

. . . Consider this case like a civil lawsuit rather than like a criminal prosecution. Critics against the possibility of extant pterosaurs have already sealed that designation by insisting that a species of living pterosaur would not threaten standard ideas in geology or paleontology. We do see, in Ptp, only one apparent animal, meaning only one species is involved here. Claims against Darwin’s idea of common ancestry is another case. [Preponderance of evidence wins.]


copyright 2017 Jonathan Whitcomb


Civil War Pterodactyl Photo

I’ve learned much more about this “Pteranodon photograph” . . . in recent days, especially from communicating with Clifford Paiva, a missile defense physicist.

Pterosaur photo – more evidence

Paiva has done a detailed analysis of the image. He found that the shadow under the boot of one soldier (he’s now known as “FS” for front-soldier) is consistent with shadows under and on the animal.

Photo of a pterosaur – introduction

Please bear with me, for this introduction is essential to understanding the value of photographic evidence for modern living pterosaurs. The credibility of an individual piece of evidence is one thing; overall credibility is something else.

Modern Pterosaurs

A nonfiction cryptozoology has “Scientific validation for the old photograph that was neglected for decades. This has now been declared to have a genuine photographic image of an extant pterosaur, with layers of evidence for authenticity.”


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