Arkansas Pterosaur Sighting

I got a phone call today from a lady whom I will call DL. She looked out her window, about 40 minutes before sundown today and saw a ropen, for the long tail caught her attention.

Before its appearance swarms of black birds had been in some trees by her house. The ropen must have scared them off as it flew through those trees.

It was light gray and flapping as it went by. She saw the flange at the end of its tail but she did not see any long head crest on it. She told me that it looked like the sketches that had been drawn by Patty Carson and Eskin Kuhn (separate sightings in Cuba, many years ago).



Pterosaurs in Arkansas and in Texas

This sighting was in Texarkana, AR, around 1982.


Scientific validation for an old photograph

This has now been declared to have a genuine photographic image of an extant pterosaur, with layers of evidence for authenticity.


Arkansas Pterosaurs

In Arkansas, we have two sightings, separated by about five years. The 1977 sighting was in the early afternoon. The 1982 sighting was in the twilight evening.

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