What Attracts Pterosaurs To Texas?

Why are there so many reported sightings of modern pterosaurs in Texas? Perhaps it’s just the large land area, giving the flying creatures more places to hunt and hide.

I’m interested in a report of a 1982 sighting in Los Fresnos, Texas. An ambulance driver or technician, James Thompson, of Harlingen, Texas, was reported to have seen a “large birdlike object” flying about 150 feet above Highway 100 at about 4:00 a.m., in September of that year. At first, he presumed it was a model glider, but he then saw it flap its wings to remain in the air. He described it as dark, with a rough texture, something like a “hide—type covering.” It had no feathers. The wingspan he estimated at five to six feet. It had no neck but something like a hump on the back of its head. He eventually labeled the flying creature: “pterosaur.”

If my information is correct, this story was printed in the Valley Morning Star, the local Rio Grande newspaper. It merits looking into.

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