Pterosaurs in Arkansas and Texas

No precise publication date is yet available for the second edition of Jonathan Whitcomb’s nonfiction “Live Pterosaurs in America,” but the book will have at least one eyewitness account of a sighting in Arkansas, and several in Texas. The latest guess is that the book will be on sale around late November or early December, 2010, at least available on

Arkansas Pterosaur

. . . probably 1982 when me and my older brother were sitting in our carport at Union Village Apartments, in Texarkana, AR. . . . we saw what we believe to be a [pterodactyl]. The wingspan seemed to be about 25’ to 30’ ft wide. . . . I do believe eventually one of these creatures will be captured or found right here in the USA.

*We were very used to the normal nightly activities of the area. We knew what the local birds and bats looked like . . . My dad and I had, on several occasions, noticed bats flying right near our heads . . . the creature was flying just above the phone lines. It would go one direction, turn, and swoop back. The shape was wrong for any large bird of the area, and the size was much too large to be any bat.
This was frightening. I get little chills just writing about it now. . . . we have debated and discussed all sorts of possibilities about what we saw that night.

(*From the nonfiction book Live Pterosaurs in America)

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