Fourth Edition of Ropen Book

Searching for Ropens and Finding God is about to be published in its fourth edition, expanded and improved. Let’s take a different approach this time, with an image of one page of the index and with a few quotations from some pages referenced.

index from nonfiction book on modern pterosaurs

Congo, Africa

“I have been reading some of your recent updates about ropens eating bats. That brought to mind a story I heard earlier this year by someone in my organization who served as a missionary in the Congo for some time.

“He has lived and worked in some very remote areas, and has had several encounters with different cryptids. He says that the existence of pterosaur-like creatures is common knowledge among the locals of a certain area where he was working. He himself may have had a brief encounter with one. . . .”

Crestview, Florida

Florida also has a brave eyewitness who reported his sighting on a blog and has revealed his real name: Professor Steven Watters.

“Today, I was blessed with a sight that will never be forgotten. It was 11:45 a.m. . . . solid grey dim overcast- about 60 degrees out—Wednesday November 14 2012—Crestview, Florida.

“. . . with back door open . . . a huge Rhamphorhynchus-like flying entity blatantly grabbed my attention. It was flying west to northeast close enough it could’ve been shot down. I . . . ran to the door and about turned white and lost my breath in disbelief. Had an estimated wingspan of 8-12 feet and a tail as long as its torso with a large bulb or lump at the tail very diamond shaped, no feathers and all colored the same whitish-grey color with a pointed beak. . . .”

Cruise Ships, sightings from

“. . . My daughter and I were on a cruise, May 2010, and encountered a very real sighting of two fluorescent birds. We were somewhere between Cuba and Haiti. The sighting occurred around 2 a.m. To the best of our knowledge, no one else witnessed this. . . .

I replied, “Thank you . . .I would be delighted to know more about your sighting of two possible ropens in the Caribbean, earlier this year . . .”

“The sighting was on the second day of our cruise. We left Miami . . . 2009 [maybe she meant March 14th, which was a Saturday] on Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas. We sailed for 2 days before our first stop in Haiti.

“. . . around 1 or 2 A.M. my daughter and I returned to our cabin. She went out on the balcony and called me out about 15 minutes later to see something weird. The minute I stepped onto the balcony, I knew exactly what she wanted me to see.

“Off in the distance were two, very, very large, pink/orange fluorescent birds flying behind each other. They looked like the flying dinosaurs, I forget what they are called. They would fly towards the ship, then back out to sea, then fly together in tandem then make a sharp right, away from the ship and disappear into the night. Then they would return. . . .”


Look Overhead, not Underfoot

A skeptic may look down on those of us who publicize reports of apparent modern pterosaurs, yet where is the explanation for universal extinction of all species of those flying creatures? Consider the following, quoting from three nonfiction books on these extraordinary flying creatures . . .


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