Pterosaurs in Georgia and South Carolina

Modern Pterosaur in Georgia

Georgia is not far from South Carolina, and reports of modern living pterosuars have come from both states. In the book Live Pterosaurs in America, by Jonathan Whitcomb, one anonymous eyewitness described in detail the two flying creatures that she had observed on two different mornings, as she was driving to work to a nearby town.

I live in a small town in northeast Georgia, called Winder . . . On August 27, [2008] I woke up very early in the morning . . . I had driven less than ten miles from the house. . . . and suddenly an animal flew out from my right . . . it flew directly in front of my car . . . the shape of the tail . . .  was very long with a shape on the end. . . . head that was curved, like a hammer; the head had a crest on the top that was solid, not feathery at all . . . I was floored. I knew what it was. I couldn’t believe what it was. But I knew what it was.

Modern Pterosaurs in South Carolina

I say “pterosaurs” because more than one sighting has been reported in South Carolina. The sighting by Susan Wooten is well-publicized online, although still little known in traditional news media. That South Carolina pterosaur sighting may relate to the following sighting.

It was huge, as big as a plane, and looked very similar to the sketch created by Susan Wooten on your website. . . . a huge pterodactyl looking creature, flying very high in the sky. The strangest thing about the sighting was how slow the wings were flapping and how high it was flying. . . . Years later in college, I was having some beers with some friends and somehow one of them ended up blurting out that he saw a pterodactyl. I told him I had seen one too . . . if this creature I saw, or its offspring are still
alive, then someone will get it on film eventually.

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