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At the back of the book Searching for Ropens and Finding God, in the appendix is mentioned a sighting in the Pacific during World War II. This is not recent news, of course, but it just recently came up. Nobody was talking about it before, at least as far as I know.

black and white image of an American World War II light cruiser ship

Near Wake Island in the Pacific

The report comes from a nephew of a World War II veteran, but this is not Duane Hodgkinson. It was a sailor who saw a weird flying creature, and he was not alone.

The wingspan was around 30 feet, according to the sailor. The ship was doing target practice at an island in the Pacific. It looked like their ship was found by a Japanese plane, but the men came to realize that it was a flying creature, after it flapped its wings.

It came at the ship, like a Japanese plane would do, and crashed into them. The uncle told his nephew how he had been chosen to kill and dispose of the beast. He clubbed it until they were sure it was dead, for the officer in charge told them it was just a bat.

It had a long neck and very tough hair on its wings, but other parts of the body were covered with soft hair. The beak was like an elongated parrot beak. It was interesting to me that the nephew is a biologist. The uncle asked him what kind of animal it was and was surprised that his biologist-nephew did not know.


Another sighting in the Pacific really was recent, around the beginning of January, 2014. The eyewitness reported this:

We live in South Kona . . . About a month ago me, some friends and my girl friend were driving south on Mamalahoa By-Pass Rd. . . . [three of us] all saw a big fleshy colored, featherless bird like creature. . . . [We] saw a long head, and its mouth with sharp teeth opening and closing, then its wings opened with a wingspan of about 10-15 feet.

Recent Sighting Reports

What people have seen in California, North Carolina, Canada, Spain, and New Zealand

Is the Ropen out of Order?

If those flying dragons over Los Angeles were not enough, we now have another problem with modern pterodactyls. The ropen, which was supposed to keep out of sight in remote jungles of Papua New Guinea, has popped up in a new book: Searching for Ropens and Finding God.

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