Sightings of Pterosaurs in and Around Kentucky

In the book Searching for Ropens and Finding God, it says:

“I live in Lamero, Kentucky. Its a small, rural area . . . I have a friend who lives near Renfro Valley, which is about twelve miles north of me. Its a wooded area as well, with . . . several caves. And I’m talking a lot of caves, lol. This county is seriously like swiss cheese . . . Last July, I was visiting my friend at his home. It was just a little after sunset, so it was still daylight outside. . . . We were outside, sitting on his deck . . . My friend shouted . . . ‘what in the blue h*** is that?’ Approaching us from the east . . . were two very large animals. . . .”

“They didn’t flap their wings very much, about once every second or two, definitely not as fast as a common bird flaps their wings. They . . . had every characteristic of a pterodactyl, from head to tail. I’d say they were roughly 15+ feet long and were flying at least 40 mph, but these are just rough estimates.”

Why shouldn’t Kentucky have accounts of modern pterosaurs? States all around Kentucky have had their own accounts. The forests give modern pterosaurs many places to hide, too.

Kentucky wilderness forest wilderness forest in Kentucky

To the northeast of Kentucky is Ohio, where a man saw a pterosaur with a long tail, in fact he saw it in two different years, both times in the hottest time of the year. He called them, “huge . . . about 4.5 ft. tail, 10 ft. from head to end of tail. long skinny tail with a spade.”

To the east of Kentucky is Virginia and the book has a long account of some kind of gigantic creature that was flying over a pond at night years ago. The book says:

“I was seventeen at the time of this encounter. It was very late at night. . . . I’d place the time to be somewhere between ten and midnight. . . . at a local reservoir where there was a tree with boards nailed into it for a ladder and a plank for a diving board. . . . all I saw was its silhouette. I could see it was big even before it was close. It seemed like it crossed a great distance with only a few flaps of its wings and mostly glided but it came very fast. . . .”

“I just stood there, facing it until it literally got about 20 to 30 feet away and it ‘stopped’ and hovered mid-air. The wings were somewhere between 15 and 20 feet wide . . . The wings were bat shaped without feathers . . .”


Supporting the Bible, yet respecting beliefs of those of various religions, "Searching for Ropens and Finding God" can appeal to many

Searching for Ropens and Finding God (nonfiction cross-genre)

From page 78 of the book:

Gideon immediately chose the drawing with the streamlined head. I concealed my delight as we continued our conversation. I asked if any book at school had a picture of a ropen. He thought for a second and then said, “No.” Had he been dishonestly trying to convince me of a non-existent creature, he would have supported his earlier answer describing the mouth. The resolute, immediate choice of a less-crocodilian-like head was evidence he had seen something—even, perhaps, a living pterosaur.

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