Ohio Pterosaurs

I know that pterosaurs, or at least creatures resembling them, have been reported across the United States, with eyewitnesses interviewed by cryptozoologists that have included Jonathan Whitcomb and Ken Gerhard. Several accounts come from Ohio.

Antwerp, Ohio, is where one young man saw long-tailed pterosaurs on two consecutive summers: “huge . . . about 4.5 ft. tail, 10 ft. from head to end of tail. long skinny tail with a spade.” It was the hottest time of the summer afternoon when the sightings took place.

More recently, in fact in June of 2010, a lady reported a “pterodactyl” that flew right in front of her car at night. In her own words, “I was driving on Route 309, just outside of Kenton, Ohio, perfectly clear night [full moon] . . . I had a creature swoop down and glide over my hood of my car. It glided smoothly and looked like a Pterodactyl, and I thought to myself, ‘What the . . . ‘ . . . as it smoothly flew into a thick area of trees . . . I could see almost the bones in its wings but I did NOT see feathers at all.”

This “pterodactyl” sighting in Ohio, near Kenton, brings to mind another sighting, for another lady had seen a similar creature, but in daylight, flying in a remote area of South Carolina. In that sighting, a driver saw a giant pterosaur, or pterosaur-like animal, fly right in front of her car.

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