Modern Pterosaurs Seen in Georgia

“There’s nothing new under the sun.” Recent reports of modern pterosaurs, or large featherless creatures, in Georgia are not that new. The Phantoms & Monsters web site has a post from 2009 about two hunters in Georgia around the early 1960’s. One of the hunters was greatly frightened by a large flying creature: “Suddenly my friend appeared and the look on his face was ashen. He told me he had been hunting when a giant bird or something had flown right over his head and disappeared into the trees.”

I did some research on the name of the town of Griffin, Georgia, but found that it came from a man named Griffin, not from any strange flying creature.

I found that searching online with -dragon in Georgia- brings up web pages on the subjects of scenic motorcycle routes and a dragon boat festival, which are not helpful. Sea dragons at the Georgia Aquarium and a business of tattoos and piercings were also not helpful. It seems more useful to search on cryptozoology sites.

When we think of sightings of modern pterosaurs in Georgia, we need to look at the big picture. Animals and birds have no knowledge of political boundaries. Flying creatures in particular are not hindered by borders, even when people put up high fences. We need to look at sighting accounts from states around Georgia.

Susan Wooten is a good example. She was driving down a country road around 1989 when something huge flew in front of her car and across the road. She reported that the flying creature “looked as big as any car, and had NO feathers.” Like other eyewitness accounts, this one had a report of a long tail.

There have also been eyewitness accounts of similar flying creatures in Florida and North Carolina, states near Georgia.

Flying Creature Sightings in Georgia

I can only guess to be 15-20′ wing spans and the motion of their wings as they flew was very slow. The head was long and ended in a point; wings ended in a point and appeared to be featherless

Featherless Flying Creature in Georgia

As it leapt out from the woods, I saw it from below, and the tail was very long with a shape on the end. Its wings were probably half-spread and I saw several dark thin horizontal bands across the belly.

Georgia Sightings by Sandra Paradise

She has now revealed two more sightings, in addition to the first two. The third one was when she had a camera in her car but she could not stop in time to photograph it before it flew away. The fourth sighting she was not sure of except that it was probably of the same kind of creature.

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