Did a Bird Snatch a Baby?

In the YouTube video called “Golden Eagle Snatches Kid” we could lose confidence in predatory birds, at least when we take children to play in a city park. What next?

The whole thing was just an animation experiment, made by a few students at the Centre NaD animation school in Montreal. Both baby and bird never existed in the original video.

Slow go for Mother

If you look closely at slow motion of the mother, you’ll see that she gets up and jogs rather casually towards where the baby is being carried. The audio is still working in the video recording but the mother never screams. Doesn’t that sound fishy? Even when the baby is dropped from about eight feet high, that mother does not scream or dive forward with arms outstretched, nothing of the kind. She just increases her running speed as the baby hits the ground. She never tried to catch the child.

slow movement of the reputed mother makes this video suspect, at least

Most mothers would dive with outstretched arms to catch their baby

I’ve seen another YouTube video, one that points out that as the bird releases the baby that baby does not immediately start to fall. Instead the baby starts to rise a little bit, if only briefly. It shows that it was done with animation.

Pterosaurs Alive in America

creatures are seen swooping low over the water, at times causing local Nighthawk birds to screach in response.

Eagle Toddler Youtube Video

The mother appeared only mildly interested in saving her baby

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