Pterosaur Extinction and Children

The “Pterosaur Eyewitness” blog has just put up a post as follows:

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This morning, a thirteen-month-old boy was feeling sleepy, so he was put to bed with a children’s educational television show playing on low volume. Just as two other preschoolers (a three-year-old and a two-year old) were about to come into the room, the man on the children’s show displayed a picture of a dinosaur and said, “All dinosaurs are extinct.”

What’s so strange about the above? There’s nothing unusual about it, for it happened in the United States of America. But it is pure indoctrination. “Science” cannot be used as an excuse, for there is no scientific reason to insist that all species of dinosaurs, and by extension pterosaurs, must be extinct. It’s just an assumption that Americans have been indoctrinated into since early childhood.

Why would Americans assume that a preschool education program on television is harmless in teaching little children that all dinosaurs and pterosaurs must be dead? Only if they all were extinct could we justify such indoctrination, and some species are alive.

So why do we believe that all such “ancient” animals are extinct? Why? It is because we adults in developed nations have ourselves been indoctrinated since early childhood. We have been systematically bred to believe in this complete extinction axiom, what Whitcomb calls “universal extinction.”

I was happy to learn recently that the Creation Research Society was conducting work on doing carbon dating of material connected with dinosaur fossils. Far too little has been done in this direction. Those who have been tied down to the extinction axiom have not even dreamed of using carbon dating on dinosaur fossils, for the accepted paradigm has been that such testing would be futile, for carbon dating can only provide dates within thousands or tens of thousands of years into the past. Praise be to the Creation Research Society!

Darren Naish Comments on Pterosaur Fossils

What I would ask is this: “Related to the statement ‘there is no evidence for post-Cretaceous pterosaurs,’ was there any evidence for post-Cretaceous Coelacanths before the discovery of the living Coelacanths?”


Supporting the Bible, yet respecting beliefs of those of various religions, "Searching for Ropens and Finding God" can appeal to many

Searching for Ropens and Finding God – true-life eyewitness encounters with pterosaurs

From page 31 of this nonfiction book:

Whatever people may think, the fact remains that my husband and I both saw that creature. My husband, being a scientist, took in things from the sighting that I was far too amazed/stunned to take in. We watched it until it was a dot on the horizon in the distance.

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