Weird Bioluminescence

Today I’d like to write about the significance of bioluminescence in sightings of modern pterosaurs, especially in sightings within the United States. To start, we have something interesting written by a British writer, Chris Jensen Romer, a prolific blog writer who wrote a book review on the third edition of Live Pterosaurs in America.

A Whole New Level of Weirdness: Book Review

I still have not really made much of a case for why I found the book engaging, but the answer is that Whitcomb surprised me. A number of the sightings suggest bioluminescence. I really did not expect that. Glow in the dark pterosaurs in the USA? It just gets weirder.

For those with no believe in modern pterosaurs it really is weird to add “glow in the dark” to the weirdness of non-extinction. What next? But this is not really new. People in old times used to report “fire-breathing” dragons, some of which were flying creatures. Just change fire-breathing to bioluminescence and you have something weird but not as weird as “fire-breathing dragons.”

Bioluminescence itself is not so weird, for many creatures of the oceans have it. The deeper parts of the oceans have glowing creatures so weird as to make bioluminescent pterosaurs almost tame by comparison.

When somebody doubts and is put off by reports of large glowing creatures that fly, they should look at the testimonies of eyewitnesses and become acquainted with concepts of credibility and with the amazing living organisms we already know to exist in this big world. They should ask, “What do these reports have in common,” for that may lead to a more open approach to something that seems to contradict our cultural belief, or at least to what we have been trained to believe.

Western Bias Against Modern Pterosaurs

This is the “normal” perspective in developed countries like the USA, where dinosaur extinction and pterosaur extinction is taught as if scientific fact. But as readers, and in this case a blog writer, become exposed to the idea of non-extinction of pterosaurs, some of them start to consider that possibility, even though it runs counter to their cultural beliefs.

Marfa Lights Intelligence

we cannot disprove or even discredit the bioluminescent-predator explanation of Marfa Lights by examining pterosaur fossils.

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