Freakish Frigate Bird

Tales of pterosaurs are one thing; photos and videos of Frigate birds are another. The confusion between the two has become common enough to elicit a response here, for there is little actual resemblance. I now list web pages that are enlightening in this regard.

How Absurd! A Frigate Bird!

… the beginning of that video shows an obvious Frigate Bird soaring as Frigate Birds will soar. I’ve lost count of how many times I have responded to that video footage, explaining that it does not show any ropen but only a common ocean-going bird.

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 I realize that some believers in ropens know little or nothing about Frigate birds. Please note that when something is soaring, in daylight, over a beach or school of fish, and the wings resemble the wings of a Frigate bird, then we need to consider it a Frigate bird, unless there is something noteworthy that makes it differ from ANY kind of Frigate bird.

Frigate Birds Are Not Pterosaurs

 One video is so obvious that it brings up a question: “Why did the person who put up the video not realize the obvious?” The bird has the white throat-chest common for some Frigate Birds and it has the wing-shape of a Frigate Bird.

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