Los Angeles County’s Modern Pterosaurs

Why would it be difficult to believe in modern pterosaurs that fly through the skies of Los Angeles County? Would the San Fernano Valley sighting appear too unbelievable because it is too close to Universal Studios? Then what about the Umboi Island ropen sightings? An island with a “prehistoric” creature sounds like Jurassic Park, a movie produced by Universal Studios. Americans who have been raised watching science fiction movies about dinosaurs and pterosaurs may find it strange that one of those creatures might actually fly over Hollywood at night. But that’s what appears to be happening, at least sometimes in some parts of Los Angeles County.

I know of one cryptozoologist, who will remain nameless, who was preparing to go on an expedition to Papua New Guinea to search for modern pterosaurs. He had hardly begun his preparations when he got a message from somebody who reported to him a sighting of a large pterosaur in the cryptozoologist’s own general area, only about ten miles from his house. That cryptozoologist carried through with his expedition in Papua New Guinea but found it difficult to believe in a large pterosaur so close to his front door.

But if modern pterosaurs now live in remote jungles north of Australia, where did they live a thousand years ago? Surely in those same jungles they lived ten centuries ago. So what would keep individual creatures from venturing out? What would keep them from spreading out across the planet over a period of a thousand years?

Why would a large pterosaur avoid Los Angeles County? It has many bodies of fresh water and many storm drainage systems. Under the assumption that the creatures are nocturnal, they would not be seen often, and even when they were, they would not always be recognized as anything other than large birds in the dark.

Los Angeles, California, downtown, at night

Live Pterodactyls in Los Angeles County

Just before sunset, she was amazed to see a giant “pterodactyl” fly “straight up” over a mountain ridge, perhaps in the Henneger Flats area.

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