Television Episode of “Destination Truth” – Ropen

The ropen-chupacabra episode on Destination Truth was broadcast before I started writing on this blog. Since this television episode is being covered now in other blogs, I’ll jump in.

Josh Gates in a jungle in Papua New Guinea

I watched this episode and enjoyed it. Josh Gates led the way, at least with the way the show episode was produced, for he seemed to be calling the shots, at least symbolically.

The climax was when Josh and one or two others entered a cave at night. They found insects, spiders, bats, and human bones. They did not find any ropen.

Soon after the cave adventure, they set up cameras nearby, hoping for some sighting at night. They were not disappointed, for a strange flying light appeared over the sea, out beyond the high cliff on which they had set up their four cameras.

expedition results in recording a weird flying light at night

Pterosaur on Destination Truth

Gates asked a native eyewitness about the flying creature that glows at night. Fabian appeared to have significant experience observing that creature

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