Two Ropen Cryptozoologists Interviewed for Television

cryptozoology subject on television interview

Two American cryptozoologists, the living-pterosaur experts Garth Guessman and Jonathan Whitcomb, were interviewed earlier this month, for a Canadian television show called “The Conspiracy Show.” The host, Richard Syrett, interviewed them separately.


Most people have been taken aback by the theory that there are living dinosaurs . . . What would you say to those skeptics . . .


Richard, some of those skeptics who were really shocked were actually witnesses themselves. . . . Some of those witnesses . . . they are shocked at what they have seen and . . . relieved to know that there are actually others who’ve seen something similar.

Too bad that the television talk show, about living pterosaurs and living dinosaurs, will probably not be on the air in the United States, only in Canada and maybe in one or two other countries.

Whitcomb Opposes Shooting Pterosaurs

Richard Syrett, host of “The Conspiracy Show” in Canada, asked me, Jonathan Whitcomb, about my opinion on proving the existence of living pterosaurs by shooting one of them. I made it clear that I oppose killing a modern pterosaur for that purpose.

Smithsonian Bias Against Modern Pterosaurs

I also rejoice at the arrival of the Discovery shuttle in Washington, where it will be housed at the Smithsonian, another feather in their cap. But I am sorry that the Smithsonian has not budged from its dogmatic article that was written by the science reporter Brian Switek.

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