“Modern Pterosaur” Magazine Parody

humorous "Modern Pterosaur" magazine

I was pleasantly surprised with the email that I recently received from Nick Smerker, for he linked to the superb image above. It’s a jolly parody of a modern ladys’ magazine cover, with funny things like the following:

For the empowered she-pterosaur, since the late triassic

Bioluminescent Patterns — Dazzle your prey with these sassy new styles

FLAPLING FUN! — What to do with your young this summer

STUCK ON LAND?  The hottest shoes for two—or four—feet

Don’t call me a flying dinosaur! — Redefining our species for yet another generation of mammals

I really enjoyed receiving my own copy of Modern Pterosaur magazine, even though it was only the front cover. Thank you to Nick Smerker and to his wife. What wonderful humor!

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