Smithsonian Success and Failure

With many other people, I applaud the accomplishments of those who made the Space Shuttle missions successful. I also rejoice at the arrival of the Discovery shuttle in Washington, where it will be housed at the Smithsonian, another feather in their cap. But I am sorry that the Smithsonian has not budged from its dogmatic article that was written by the science reporter Brian Switek.

Smithsonian Proclaims “Ropen Myth”

Switek wrote, “Sadly, some people still get duped by the fantastic claims espoused by ‘professional monster hunters’.” I don’t know why he put that phrase into quote marks, for when did any cryptozoologists use that phrase when referring to their expeditions or to their research? That is a small affair, but I see more serious problems with Switek’s writing.

Smithsonian Slams the Door

Perhaps it is the fear of appearing foolish that keeps the Smithsonian doors closed to any pterosaurs except those having only bones. Perhaps the official policy remains “the ropen is a myth.” But where is any real evidence for universal extinction of general types?

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