Two Modern Pterosaurs in State of Washington

The eyewitness described a pair of long-tailed “ropens” in Southwest Washington state, in a rural area that he desires to keep secret. Here is part of his testimony, and more is expected in the upcoming second-edition of the book Live Pterosaurs in America.

I was riding my bike home from a friends house around 5 pm . . . I heard a strange noise . . . looked to my left, and on a wood plank fence were two of the biggest bird like creatures I could ever imagine! . . . the first thing I noticed was their heads . . . could they be dinasours? . . . They were Huge! There ft wrapped around a 2″x6″ plank . . . they’re heads I would have to say it was maybe 4ft long with the beak.

Additional information is available from a source of whom I have complete confidence (I don’t refer to the eyewitness himself, although he seems OK). What follows, I believe, is a secondary sighting of the same two flying creatures, in the same general area, by the same eyewitness, some time later.

When they took flight they both still kept an eye back onto me. They only flew far enough to where I wouldn’t see them.  They have slow head movements, as if they were rotating there heads with the heads in the downwards position.

Dinosaur bird (by name) or “flying creature”

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