Recent Tracks in Mexico

A large number of potential pterosaur tracks, apparently recently formed by one or more animals, has been reported around northeastern Mexico, although the exact location is secret. It is speculative to say that they are pterosaur tracks, even though indirect eyewitness testimony suggests they may be from a strange flying creature that has frightened at least a few Mexicans in recent years, in this general area.

area where prints were found in Mexico - maybe from modern pterosaur

The more recent observations, by a man who wishes to be anonymous at present, were one or two years ago, in a remote area that may be close to the border with southwest Texas.

Not all fossilized pterosaur tracks clearly show toe indentations, and the recently reported tracks evidently do not show any such marks at all. This is hardly conclusive in dismissing the apparent footprints as being irrelevant to any modern pterosaur, however. Some extant pterosaur in North America may be able to make a track without indenting the soil with toes.

Pterosaur Tracks in Mexico, Maybe

. . . the footprints in this remote area of Mexico were not all clear impressions; in fact, most of them were more scuff marks . . . They were separated by 15-20 yards where there was no evidence of any creature on the ground. This might be dismissed if the marks were few in number, but the man walked for a long distance, following the intermittent footprints.

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