Another Pterosaur Sighting in Pennsylvania

The blog “Live Pterosaur” recently featured a preliminary report of what seemed to have been a glowing pterosaur in Pennsylvania, seen by two eyewitnesses on one night:

Afterwards she did some research and told me, “I have found that a pterosaur is identical to what we saw.” She has not yet told me any details about her research nor what image she may have seen that looked like what was encountered; but it is sufficient to consider that it was a possible American ropen. The sighting was in Pennsylvania, and I believe it involved bioluminescence.

I make mention that one of the comments was critical, questioning the wisdom of publishing an account that had not been thoroughly investigated yet. Another comment in reply answered that objection well, in part as follows:

This is one of many recent sightings I am now investigating. When I said, “it is sufficient to consider that it was a possible American ropen,” I did not think anyone would take that to mean that I was insinuating that it MUST have been a ropen or pterosaur. After all, this is a blog with recent news, not a repository of scientific papers that have been peer-reviewed and analyzed for months (although I have written, not many years ago, a scientific paper that was published).

While we are on the subject of pterosaur sightings in Pennsylvania, I refer to what I have already written about a different sighting in that state:

A Real Pterosaur in Pennsylvania

This “bird” also seemed to have a long tail . . . As it was almost directly over us we all agreed we couldn’t see feathers anywhere and my student Carrie said “It looks like pterodactyl . . .  doesn’t it?”

It flew over top us and landed in the water behind the school . . . We could here it splashing around, and Carrie ran around the building to see it. There are always ducks in that water as well as rats and other things. When she came back . . . she said it had taken off, Carrie said it was in the water splashing and eating or grabbing something in its mouth.

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