Pterosaur News for Early December

Pterosaur Wingspan Estimates

Recent data collected from eyewitnesses from around the world include 57 estimates of wingspan, ranging from two feet to forty-six feet. According to Live Pterosaur blog:

A number of species of pterosaurs (more than two) live in many areas of this planet, with at least most of them being at least mostly nocturnal and with some of them being witnessed by people in counties in which universal dinosaur and pterosaur extinction is taken for granted . . . For Westerners unfamiliar with the past seventeen years of cryptozoological investigations of apparent living pterosaurs, this perspective can appear too incredible to consider, but the data on wingspan estimates is in harmony with it and out of harmony with any reference to potential hoaxes.

For those interested in statistics:

Five-number summary is  2, 7.5, 13, 21.25, 46

Grubbs’ test (to find outliers)

significance level
Alpha = 0.05 (standard)

Mean: 15.579
SD: 10.162
# of values: 57
Outlier detected?  No
Significance level: 0.05 (two-sided)
Critical value of Z: 3.17989844604

Recent Pterosaur Sighting Report from Minnesota

Three of us seen it as it was gliding across the highway in northern Minnesota, in an area of dense cedar swamps. It was early morning and during the winter. It had reddish brown leather type skin with no feathers, bat like wings, a crest on it’s head, a mouth full of small teeth in the back and larger in the front, all very sharp . . . The tail was long, with a spade shaped thing at the end of it. It was about as big as one lane on the highway.

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